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4 People / 2 Bedrooms / 3 Beds / 2 Bathrooms /

Torino Sweet Home project was born in June 2014 by two Torinesi girls, Lavinia and Loredana, both passionate about travel and tourism, who decided to make this passion something more.

Our Story

Torino Sweet Home was created to offer an innovative service to the owner, allowing him to make income with his property through the sharing economy. Torino Sweet Home project begins to take shape from December 2014, when the two partners, having left their respective works, present the idea to the first owners and acquire the first two houses with the aim of testing the idea of bringing together supply and demand in this sector. So begins the entrepreneurial adventure of Torino Sweet Home that immediately fits into an excellent intermediary between the owners, eager to learn about innovative possibilities with which making their property income, and guests looking for a quality reception service in alternative to current market proposals, in which you feel at home and experience the city in a different way.

The project grows and Torino Sweet Home wins first the IoLavoroStartUp award promoted by the Human + Foundation in collaboration with the Piemonte Lavoro Agency (APL), then the competition of the Edoardo Garrone Foundation of a business laboratory on Cultural Tourism.

Thus begins a tiling path that brings Torino Sweet Home for a few years to the innovative and creative context of the Talent Garden in Turin.

In September 2015 the jury of the “Startup contest” at the Supernova Festival of the city of Turin recognizes a further special award to the project, which a few days later obtains the official validation of the Business Plan by the MIP  of the Province of turin.

Thanks to word of mouth and the development of contacts in Turin, the number of managed apartments grows from the day of its birth and the project is transformed into an increasingly innovative business.

In 2016 Torino Sweet Home adds an important piece to operate in a professional manner and provide additional services to its portfolio through the acquisition of the real estate license.

New confirmations and acknowledgments of the excellent and incessant work of Torino Sweet Home arrive also in the following years: as the victory of the national contest “Reside Innovation” in Milan at the XXIT Triennale di Milano – International Exhibition on Innovation in Real Estate and home that allows the startup to begin a professionalization and coaching with the French association Reseau Entreprendre, still in progress.

In the autumn of 2019 Torino Sweet Home came into contact with Wonderful Italy, one of the most active companies in the italian Property Management sector. The compatibility of the company Vision and Values between the two companies emerges immediately.
Thus they give life together to a new company, with the name of Wonderful Piemonte, which joins a heterogeneous and stimulating team, aimed at combining professional hospitality in quality accommodation, with the creation of unique experiences in the area, involving local realities and promoting the regional development.

In the meantime, Torino Sweet Home continues to operate in the Property Management sector, mainly dealing with medium-term rentals, aimed at international students and off-site workers, who need a smart contact in the city of Turin, able to give them flexibility and professionalism.

Our mission

  • Develop an innovative proposal on the market;
  • helping  owners to make his property income with minimum effort and with the advantages and flexibility typical of short rent;
  • Provide a pragmatic, complete and convenient service to meet the needs of the owner and the guest
  • Design a new type of owner-user relationship through the use of the network
  • Promote an innovative reception model through a quality service and current and original proposals on what the territory offers

Our Team

The work of Torino Sweet Home is made up of people: first the owners, who to entrust an important asset like the house must marry the project, then the guests who live their first impact with the city of Turin through the reception and finally collaborators, who are an integral part of the team. One of the principles of Torino Sweet Home? “Put your face” and that’s why the whole team will be presented below:

Lavinia Co-founder Graduated in Economics Management and Valorisation of Tourism. He speaks English, French and Spanish. Lover of travel, art and the constant search for new stimuli. Aspiring water fitness athlete. In love with the sea and sunsets. Torino Sweet Home taught her the beauty of the unexpected and the importance of problem solving.

Loredana Co-founder. Graduated in Economics of International Trade. He speaks English and French. After brief experiences in the commercial field, Torino Sweet Home represented a real gym to get in the game all around. Passionate about journeys made by “if”, her motto is to never remain still!

Maria Collaborator. Graduated in Modern Languages, she speaks English and French. Passionate about travel, with a long career in tourism. In love with India, she loves walking and swimming, she is passionate about jazz and has a weakness for historical biographies. Torino Sweet Home is a beautiful job opportunity that gives you every day interesting experiences and new skills.

Alessandro Collaborator. In life he has done many jobs and has experienced many professions. He loves to learn new things and put them into practice in everyday life, taking care of the constant maintenance of the apartments and running in case of need. In Turin, Sweet Home has found its ideal size.

We are collaborating also with numerous external people who help us in communication, marketing, logistics and technology.

Last but not least the WELCOMIST, version 3.0 of the receptionists, a team of specially trained hospitality professionals, who take care of welcoming and guiding the guests in the discovery of the accommodation and the city of Turin.

Do you want to collaborate?

Drop us a line on: if you want to send your CV if you want to set up a professional collaboration